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“Oh my effing G. No.” there’s a Girls Season 3 teaser

“Shut up. No way. Get over here. Now,” Shoshanna says to Hannah because she’s never seen “Baggage,” a scandalous Game Show Network program in season one. This may have been your reaction if you were sitting on your couch, in a bath robe and a friend across the room, as this tweet via @girlsHBO popped up:

girls tweettttt

Sure as hell was my reaction! Finally, a Girls: Season Three teaser only five days after the DVD release of Girls: Season Two (which I shamefully still don’t own because I live in a town without a store that sells DVDs, and I need a couple hours of free time to get into a town that does).

Quickly, because the video only gives us 31 seconds, what do we see in it besides a lot of pictures of camera equipment:

  • Elijah is back, which we knew and which is also great because he and Hannah were really fun before he went and couch-banged Marnie; however, what’s the nature of his return? How does Hannah react? How does Marnie react?
  • Ray is waving to somebody. Again, he is waiving to somebody.
  • Adam’s around and Hannah is very happy to see him. Have people decided on them yet?
  • There is all kinds of sand. The question is: where is this sand? Is it like Staten Island sand? Is it like where Hannah ends up at the end of season one? Is it elsewhere!? Hopefully they’re finally going on vacation together. (Note: I’ve heard these rumors)
  • Later… yes, I’m guaranteeing an on-location episode because Marnie is standing in the middle of a bunch of big rocks. It’s sunny. And everyone has bikinis on. None of this sounds like New York City.
  • It’s worth mentioning that in each snapshot of Shoshanna, she’s not exactly smiling, and she didn’t exactly have the greatest season two ever, in terms of man problems.

The main purpose here is that watching the teaser over and over and over again is going to get you really excited for the season. Trust me, I’m wired right now. The show is in production, though one of the markers that’s been photograph shows “S03/E07,” so they’re at least that far.

Real quick, can we talk about how I figured out what a marker is? I literally typed this similar Yahoo Answers question into Google: “What is the thing called when they’re making a movie and the guy says something like “scene 37, take 5?” (Face palm)

Back on track. The teaser tells us the show will premiere in 2014, so I expect a similar schedule like season two, starting Jan. 13 and ending March 17. Also, the series expands from a 10-episode season to a 12-episode season. Let’s hope it’s not as late to start as season one—April to June.

There is also a shorter teaser on Instagram, and I’m going to be watching really closely.

“Oh my effing G,” time to watch it again. What are you waiting for?


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