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Breaking down the “Jobs” trailer

Tomorrow, the hotly anticipated biopic, “Jobs” starring Ashton Kutcher, hits theaters everywhere and finally people who haven’t read the critically acclaimed book, Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson, will see what’s it’s all about on-screen. Those who intend on reading the book, the film will likely make you (me) purchase the book the next day on your Kindle Fire with the gift card money your grandma got you for your birthday.

Steve Jobs is an amazing story and an interesting person, as we’ve all been made especially aware of since his death, yet we don’t know all that will be included in this weekend’s biopic. So far, we can only evaluate the movie trailer to find clues of what to look forward to.


I know, having watched as many documentaries on Jobs as I have in the past six months, that Jobs and partner Steve Wozniak were buddies in childhood and were so fascinated by technology that they started Apple, which we also learn from the trailer that Woz apparently wanted to name the company “Fazer Beam Computers.” There’s a great image in the trailer of the computer screen (the back of which is seen in the picture above) reflected off of Jobs’ eyes.


There’s an infamous moment in the Apple offices when Jobs is discussing presentation and he’s obsessing over typeface, when one of his co-workers tells him that fonts aren’t an issue. Jobs immediately throws him out of the office. We know he controlled meeting rooms he was in no matter what and we know that Apple’s typeface is as universally recognized as the Nike swoosh.


To get the company off of its feed, Jobs needed investors–anybody at any company needs investors, for the most part. His choice backfired on him a bit, as the board wasn’t happy with the wars Jobs was waging with IBM. It’s going to be such a drawing part of the movie to experience how Jobs was kicked out of his own company and how he rebuilt himself to take it back over. Also, I wonder how much his other projects between stints at Apple will come into play in the movie (i.e. Pixar).


I would appear, by the trailer, that one of the board members actually stands up for Jobs, but this is going to be an epic scene where he get tossed from the game. We don’t really know a lot of how he was personally effected by his company kicking him out, and I hope we will see that in the film. That, I believe, is where we could really see how effective Kutcher is in the movie, when he really has to grasp Jobs’ real emotions. Remember, he was dismissed from the film for a while because he wasn’t living up to expectations; at least, that’s what we’re told.

jobs55As I already touched on, I think it’ll be interesting to see some of the things Jobs does in between his work at Apple. He was a hippie and it’ll be interesting to see when he transformed into that eating-on-the-floor kind of guy. The trailer hints at a possibly trip to Asia at some point.

jobs66When he returns to Apple, Jobs is wearing what we may know now as “Harry Potter glasses.” What I want to learn most from this is how his mindset changed from his first years at the company to really being an innovator. I want to see those colorful Apple computers and how all of the ideas for iAnythings came into the picture.

jobs88It was such an epic unveiling when Jobs announced the iPod and I wonder how much we’ll see of it. The biggest question is how far will the movie go. It can’t possibly cover everything, right? So, how close to the present will the movie reach?


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