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Shouldn’t we be a little pissed Jason Bourne isn’t returning?

Aaron Cross, Jeremy Renner’s character in “The Bourne Legacy” was not a part of the lengthy Bourne book series, which made his starring role in the fourth movie all the more upsetting.

Even though the fourth movie was ehh all right, any Bourne film without Jason Bourne is like a Matrix without Neo, a Harry Potter without Harry Potter, a Die Hard without John McClane. No matter how good or bad the movie, there’s always going to be something missing.

Recently, it was reported that a fifth Bourne movie is in the works–something we certainly expected given the ending the Legacy–but without Matt Damon’s stellar Bourne character. The filmmakers will continue the story of Cross, which has been created out of thin air.

Renner will return as Cross in the film which hasn’t been title, although the fifth novel is title “The Bourne Betrayal.” Also, Rachel Weisz will probably return as Dr. Marta Shearing.

It’s worth noting that the first three Bourne movies don’t follow the books much; in fact, only about the first half of “The Bourne Identity” is fictionally accurate.

Even so, the Bourne series–specifically, Jason Bourne–is often compared to the James Bond series. Everyone has their favorite Bond, don’t they? The feel we get when we hear Jason Bourne isn’t in the next movie is like the feeling religious Bond followers get when their favorite guy isn’t the film’s agent anymore.

Damon says he will not come back to the series unless Paul Greengrass is directing (he directed Supremacy and Ultimatum). Tony Gilroy, who directed Legacy, is slated to directed the untitled fifth film.

Damon willing, why wouldn’t the filmmakers want to bring him back?


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