Merritt Wever returning to a “New Girl” love triangle

Merritt Wever, who plays Schmidt’s former college girlfriend Elizabeth, is returning to “New Girl” for two episodes this fall, which means the uncertainty of Schmidt’s love triangle at the end of Season Two might be blatantly certain now that this news has come out.

We liked Elizabeth a lot when she first came on the show in season two as she forgave Schmidt for losing weight and getting mean at the end of their relationship. She was a fresh face and superb voice on the show that, for the most part, hasn’t brought in a lot of new characters since the pilot; at least, not ones that stick around.

But her character might have been doomed from the beginning. Consider this: What if creator Elizabeth Meriwether wrote Wever into the show just to give viewers a glimpse of the old Schmidt? What if she wrote her in just to show that side of Schmidt existed? 

It’s a clever, important part of Schmidt’s character, knowing he was a softy once. However, now he’s a softy for Cece and inevitably showed he still had strong feeling for her when Shivrang proposed to her during Nick and Schmidt’s roommate anniversary.


So Elizabeth, a character that almost instantly got every viewer’s approval, might fall out of the show. We were left with Elizabeth and Cece standing in front of Schmidt asking for a final decision. It’s over with Elizabeth if Schmidt picks Cece and vise versa. 

It’s important to consider how season three will begin (meaning, where in the story). I imagine it wont start right back up at the church, because that’s not the way it usually goes. The season three opener could begin at the apartment as the roommates bug Schmidt for a decision.

It could start with Schmidt already having made a decision because the choice could be so obvious that it’s not even worth discussing. For example, he could pick Cece and we could see Elizabeth on her way out in the only two episodes she’ll appear in. Maybe Schmidt wants to be friends and that’s just not going to happen.

Elizabeth is a tough character to lose because she was so likable, but Schmidt and Cece are star-crossed lovers. Elizabeth is the kind of corky, straight forward sweetheart I really enjoyed seeing in the show, but Cece quenches Schmidt’s thirst for sexy, tall and exotic.

Now, while Schmidt could pick Cece nobody is saying they’ll stay together. It’s pretty clear they’re developing an on again, off again relationship where one of them isn’t going to be happy with something. Remember, Cece left Schmidt to get “serious” about the rest of her life. She wanted a man her family would approve of and one she felt secure starting a life with. Schmidt still isn’t any of those things. Maybe Cece was just horny during her wedding and we know she often sought out Schmidt to satisfy her needs.


But let me flip the focus back to Schmidt; after all, he’s making the decision. He wants both girls for different reasons — typical Schmidt (eye roll). It’d be really nice to see a Schmidt that isn’t so reliable on Cece. She has him in her hand and she knows it.

It was appropriate that Cece and Schmidt went their separate ways for the same reason in season two. Cece wanted something serious and real and that’s what Schmidt found, but we’re only entering season three and that might be too soon for all of the characters to start settling down.

And we haven’t even talked about the Nick and Jess situation or the hope that we see more of Winston’s new girl — the stunning Brenda Song. 


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